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If you’ve called Atlanta home, then you probably know about the Krog Street Tunnel, an ever changing canvas of Atlanta street art between Cabbagetown and Inman Park. The iconic tunnel is a railroad underpass where the light of day barely seeps in but the glow of street lights and cars gives a unique feel to this place and the graffiti that adorns its walls. When I lived relatively nearby I loved the opportunity to drive through and see the Krog Street Tunnel first hand. Since there are constantly new artists covering over old world with new, it was never the same experience twice.

So it was inevitable when I started looking for local Atlanta scenes to capture that the Krog Street tunnel was on my radar. If you’re not from Atlanta, this may seem like an odd destination. Or maybe you can appreciate the street art in this century old tunnel simply because you love the urban grittiness of it? For me personally it was a twofold thing. I loved that photographing the Krog Street Tunnel was not unlike capturing a close up view of a snowflake. The next day the same view would likely contain new street art. So unlike a photo of a well visited old castle, it’s unlikely that anyone will capture a view quite like mine. Certainly they won’t unless they were standing behind me the same day I visited.

The second thing that speaks to me about this particular view of that iconic Atlanta tunnel is the sense of a bright light on the other side. There’s something that speaks to me of the unknown and unknowable future. And I mean both tomorrow as well as the here-after. Enjoy the grittiness of today because tomorrow is not promised!

I’d love to hear what speaks to you most about this Krog Street Tunnel print? Are you from Atlanta? Maybe you lived in a nearby neighborhood or still do? Or have you stumbled on this street art scene and the general vibe suits your tastes? I hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts.

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