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This Edinburgh castle print was aimed at capturing the magical beauty of the Scottish castle as it appears when approaching via the Royal Mile. You can see Edinburgh Castle perched on the top of Castlehill from all over the city, of course, but walking up the narrow winding streets of Old Town, you catch only glimpses. And then as you hit the Esplanade, the castle looms before you larger than life!

It, of course, rained on both of my trips to Edinburgh. Granted I visited in winter, but I’m given to believe that rain is a fairly common thing regardless of the season, so I felt like an Edinburgh castle print with the rain falling was a natural subject and one that may fit your memories of Edinburgh rather well. Perhaps my memories have a rose-colored tint to them, but I don’t remember being particularly defeated by the weather. Even when high winds cancelled the Hogmanay party on my second trip, it felt like an adventure in magical Edinburgh. There’s just something about the character of the old city that made the weather easily forgiven.

This Edinburgh castle print is my homage to the most recognizable landmark in that beautiful city. I hope the cool blue skies and the warm golden glow capture the magic of the city as I think they do. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Does this falling rain art remind you of a visit to Edinburgh? Perhaps you call Edinburgh home or have in the past at some point? Or maybe it’s family history that brings you here looking for art that speaks to your Scottish heritage? Whatever the reason, I hope you’ll stop a moment and leave a comment about your thoughts on this Edinburgh castle print, the memories it brings back, etc.

If you have questions before ordering prints or comments you’d like to send me directly, please send me a message. This Edinburgh castle print like all of my work on this site is available in a range of sizes from small mementos to large wall art. It’s also available in a number of formats including prints for framing, framed prints, canvas prints, and more ready to hang styles.


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